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Quality Steel & Alloy Wheels
Designed Tough For Tough Aussie Offroad Conditions

Founded in 2008, Gecko Wheels was established by a team of Independent Tyre Wholesales across Australia, to fill a void in the Australian Marketplace. Some eight years later, the same Distributors offer unrivalled service, personalised customization, and superior wheels unmatched by others.

Gecko Wheels are exceptionally high quality Steel and Alloy Wheels designed specifically for the Australian 4×4, Trailer & Campervan markets. They are manufactured to the highest levels of International Quality Standards ISO9001 and TS16949, emphasising out factory’s dedication to quality and continuous improvement.

Gecko Steel Wheels are available Australia Wide in a large range of sizes, offsets and stud patterns to suit most 4×4 vehicles driven in Australia, and are attractively finished in White, Black, Silver, Chrome & Galvanized. Additionally they are now available in both Imitation and Genuine (Mechanical) Beadlockers.

Gecko Alloy Wheels are available Australia Wide in a selected range of fitments for specific applications. They are high quality, perfectly finished wheels complete with Gecko Wheels centrecaps, and CBL rings where required.

As a brand, Gecko Wheels is proud to support some very important 4×4 Groups and Events.

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