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Tim Bates

Tim Bates is the undisputed “Legend of the Victorian High Country”, and a super supporter of Gecko Wheels. Let’s hear from the man himself to explain who he is

I am Tim Bates and anyone who knows me knows that I have a huge passion for the Australian bush which stems back over 40 years. I spent 10 years as a young lad in the scouting movement. During those years I learnt the harshness of the Australian bush and to always respect it and never take it for granted.

Following those years I worked on many cattle stud farms around the country, breaking in cattle for Royal Agricultural shows. The last property I worked on was in the remote inland town of Texas in Queensland.

From there I spent 25 years in the building game as a self-employed bricklayer.

I hold a great deal of experience in both 4wding and camping. I spent 4 years part time with the 4wd Action DVD crew making a number of travel DVDs around Victoria and New South Wales.

I became the face for X Trail camper trailers, where I promoted the range of trailers on DVD. Some of these clips can be viewed on my website home page.

I have written technical articles for 4wd Action magazine. I have also been involved in the testing of new vehicles and published articles regarding these tests in Overlander magazine.